Working at Freehold

Freehold is a highly collaborative work environment full of passionate professionals dedicated to broadening engagement, serving diverse audiences, and encouraging deep participation in the arts. 

“One can say a true artist is always ready to make any number of sacrifices in order to reach a moment of creativity. The mediocre artist prefers not to take risks, which is why he is conventional. Everything that is conventional, everything that is mediocre is linked to that fear.”  
– Peter Brook

Freehold was created as a safe place to practice what is not safe.  We ask our collaborators, students, board, audience, and extended community to practice risk in rehearsal and performance, in individual practice, and in collaboration.  We ask that they risk taking this art form seriously and risk believing that the theatrical event can be of consequence.

We are a community with a more than 30-year history of celebrating diversity of age, race, gender, economics, and physical ability. Freehold continues to increase its commitment to dismantle racism and increase accessibility. In our continuing effort to engage a broad spectrum of our community we encourage people from all communities to apply.

Freehold engages people from all walks of life in cultivating the audacity of the human spirit through the practice of theatre. An inclusive creative haven since 1991, Freehold is a thriving collective of artists, teachers, and students collaborating to explore both the mind and the heart. Throughout our 25-year history we have encouraged participation by all people of all identities. Freehold continues to increase its commitment to dismantle racism and eliminate inherent white advantage, and we encourage people from all communities to apply.

Freehold engages the artist in every human, through theatrical training, experimentation, and practice; to foster a deeper connection with themselves and with each other in pursuit of radical mutuality.

We at Freehold believe that theatre should inspire people to embrace the full range of human experience and connect us more deeply in community. To accomplish this, we must create a space where all people of all identities will be welcomed, respected, and valued. The practice must be truthful, illuminate the unseen, and articulate the unspoken.

Artistic Excellence rooted in organic truth, juxtaposed with Radical Accessibility
Freehold’s Lab provides a forum for experimentation by professionals to challenge themselves to raise the bar artistically. The Lab has fostered award winning new plays, and re envisioned classics; and has expanded the horizons of the Seattle arts community by hosting collaborations between Seattle artists and internationally recognized theatre artists. The Freehold Faculty and collaborating Lab Artists bring an extraordinary depth of training and professional experience to their practice at Freehold; and are supported in their continued growth as artists. This is juxtaposed with Radical Accessibility: the commitment to make the practice available to the full spectrum of our community through our Studio and Engaged Theatre Program.

Equity and Inclusion
Freehold has continued to incorporate strategies that evolve this center for the practice of theatre to be genuinely more inclusive, more equitable, welcoming to all people of all identities and abilities, and actively anti racist. As an organization that believes in the power of art to shine a bright light on the terrible truths of our behavior; we are examining, honestly, our part in systemic bias, racism, injustice and inequity: wrongs we have perpetuated, and suffering we have caused. We’re participating in social justice advocacy with honesty, vulnerability, humility, empathy, and the courage to act. We have begun through shifting of practices, structures, policies, and people in curriculum, programming, production.

Board Member 

We are seeking volunteer board members to support our small but mighty organization. Join us as Freehold Theatre Lab/Studio emerges stronger than ever from the pandemic:

  • offering high quality and accessible theatre training 
  • providing affordable rehearsal and performance spaces
  • expanding community connections
  • and cultivating an inclusive and diverse environment. 

Learn more here and apply via our Google FormQuestions? Email