About Us

Freehold Theatre engages people from all walks of life in cultivating the audacity of the human spirit through the practice of theatre. An inclusive creative haven since 1991, Freehold is a thriving collective of artists, teachers, and students collaborating to explore both the mind and the heart.

In our community we endeavor to provide a haven where artists are encouraged: to risk making their work deeper, truer, and more resonant; to reinvest in their love and inspiration; and to challenge themselves to keep discovering and maturing.

Since its founding as a Center for the Practice of Theatre, Freehold has been devoted to making that practice radically accessible. Serving the full spectrum of our community, Freehold’s programs broaden engagement, serve diverse audiences, and encourage deep participation in the arts

Our Theatre Lab provides a forum for experimentation by professionals, the development of new performance material, and the rediscovery of classics. The Lab enables artists to explore new work - and new ways of working - in order to forge a deeper connection between actor and audience, self and community, life and art. Our flagship Lab program, Engaged Theatre , takes this philosophy out into the world around us.

Our Studio offers a safe place where anyone and everyone can take risks. Freehold’s students are encouraged to move theatre forward—to transform, deepen, and clarify new ways of working. From introductory sessions for the curious to master classes for practicing artists, the Studio offers an extraordinary range of disciplines and styles to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of theatre craft and acting, and to develop an artist’s greatest gift—a sense of truth—while developing the means to express this gift specifically and viscerally.

Our Mission 

Freehold engages the artist in every human, through theatrical training, experimentation, and practice; to foster a deeper connection with themselves and with each other in pursuit of radical mutuality.

Our Vision 

We at Freehold believe that theatre should inspire people to embrace the full range of human experience and connect us more deeply in community. To accomplish this, we must create a space where all people of all identities will be welcomed, respected, and valued. The practice must be truthful, illuminate the unseen, and articulate the unspoken.