Ensemble Training Intensive (ETI)

Ensemble Training Intensive (ETI)

Freehold’s Ensemble Training Intensive (ETI) is the only independent 10-month certificate program for dedicated adult actors in the Pacific Northwest. Our central aim is the development of core acting skills that are as delicate as they are vital, and too often overlooked.

The Ensemble Training Intensive was created for the serious student who is ready to commit to the next level artistically and professionally. With curriculum focused on developing skills necessary to meet the technical demands of classical text and extraordinary contemporary material, students are led by a celebrated and uniquely qualified faculty. ETI empowers emerging professionals with a dependable inner and outer process, so that they can make a meaningful contribution to the community at large. We work with actors to integrate their core truthful connection to the given circumstances, and playing of action with extraordinary physical and vocal expression. 

The Instructors

The ETI faculty includes some of Seattle’s most treasured performing artists, many of whom are working professionals with many years of experience in their field in addition to their teaching qualifications. We have experienced that the integration of skills, encountered by the ensemble growing together, results in exponential growth.


Each ETI participant is guaranteed substantial performance opportunities that include public Solo Performances, Shakespeare Scenes, and a Professional Showcase for invited industry professionals. The 10-month intensive culminates in the development and performance of a Classical play that will perform in Seattle, and tour to the non-traditional sites of Freehold’s Engaged Theater Program. The Engaged Tour is an important part of the intensive, as performing for people in extraordinary circumstances challenges the artist to be more honest and generous in their playing. Tour sites may include prisons, military bases, hospitals, and homeless shelters.

The Curriculum

To empower the dedicated artist determined to advance their skills and career with a uniquely accomplished faculty, we emphasize small class size (16 students) and individual attention. The curriculum comprises both group and tutorial sessions. The course work is focused on:

  • Opening up the artist’s access to natural inspiration, and availability to the life of the moment.
  • Expanding their imaginative and transformational powers.
  • Honing their physical and vocal instruments by detailed anatomical discovery, development, practice, and conscious expression.
  • Preparing the artist for many paths such as working as a professional, further study, or preparing as a teacher. It is a solid launching pad for the next step.

Actors will need to be ready to take on the rigor and discipline of this ten-month technical curriculum, which includes up to 24 hours a week in class and will require an estimated 5-10 hours per week for individual rehearsal and preparation time.


Students who completed the program have found professional work in New York and Los Angeles, as well as in local theatres such as The Seattle Repertory Theatre, Intiman Theatre, ACT Theatre, and in regional theatres beyond Seattle.

Eugenia Andruchowicz
Linnet Blumenthal
Ginger Culver
Lauren Hendler
Richard Hesik
Jesse Hinds
Sylvester Kamara
Christine Larsen
Stephanie McBain
Maia McCarthy
Niamh Molloy
Kevin Moore
Katherine Pierini
Deb Prince
Shawn Robinson
Clarke Zeman

Laura Castle
Demone Gore
Nancy Griffin
Simon Hamlin
Sim Heninger
Lee Ann Hittenberger
May Nazareno
Alisa Prideaux-Mooney
Danielle Reierson
Jonathan Reis
Gregory Singleton
Jack Swaney
Katt Tait
Alyssa Tomoff
Amber Zipperer

Precious Butiu
Carter Rodriquez
Ben Cournoyer
Amber Cutlip
David Friedt
Trina Harris
Derek Kavan
Shamar Larkin
Michelle Kamberger
Scott Maddock
Kirsten McCory
Lori Stein
Sara Rucker Thiessen
Robert Dale Walker

Monica Chilton
Kevin Dailey
Elizabeth Deutsch
Luisa de Paula Collova
Lori Evans
Anthony Leahy
Parker Matthews
Lance McQueen
Phillip Mitchell
Jonathan Nawn
Riley Neldam
Caleb Slavens
Melissa Topscher
Amy Wason
Kiki Yeung

Marie Bolla
Linda Cleckler
David Cravens-O’Farrell
Brace Evans
Janet Hietter
Dara Lillis
Fernando Luna
Ellen McMahon
Noelle Mestres
Aaron Moore
Laura Nelson