Studio Series

Studio Series

Taking the work into an investigative setting with a director and then into the public arena with an audience is a vital aspect of Freehold’s mission.

Freehold’s Studio Series gives our students and alumni the chance to do just that. The opportunity to do so is a very exciting step for the actors and directors, some of whom are performing for the first time. The Studio Series pieces are works in progress, and we encourage participants to use their performances as an opportunity to further the process of discovery.

Watch the 2016 Studio Series promo video:

All applicants are expected to present a well-conceived proposal, including a detailed description of the project, a director (not in the cast), and a cast pulled largely from the Freehold community. Once a project is selected, the project lead will is required to present a more detailed plan, including an adequate rehearsal schedule, and is expected to attend mandatory orientation and technical meetings. The success of the Studio Series depends upon participants’ willingness to support each other, and in the spirit of collaboration and community, each group performing will act as crew for the other groups on their performance dates. 

The Studio Series is an opportunity for Freehold community members to take what they have learned in class and life and put it into practice in front of an audience with mentorship from Freehold’s amazing faculty of professional theatre artists. The Studio Series is conceived as a place of experimentation and risk-taking. The work presented are intended as works in progress and not finished productions, but at the same time, there is an expectation that the participants show a high level of commitment to the process.
Projects may take almost any form: a play, a scene, a monologue, a solo performance piece, a rough cut of a film, a staged reading, vocal pieces, clown work, a movement/dance piece, almost anything showing dramatic relevance and serving the artist’s process. NO project may exceed 30 minutes in length.

Approved projects are charged a participation fee and, in return, receive mentorship for their project, reduced cost rehearsal space at Freehold, three performances in Freehold’s Black Box Theatre, technical support (lights, sound, board operator, stage manager and access to Freehold’s sets and props stores), and publicity for the event. In the past, the Studio Series has spawned works that have gone on to full runs, toured the Fringe Festival circuit, partnerships that have stood the test of time and maybe most importantly, advanced the performance experience and understanding of the artists involved.

The entire Freehold community collaborates to put the INCUBATOR Studio Series together. Freehold faculty serve as mentors to the projects, Freehold’s staff provides incredible support, our participants bring the hard work and heart, and the audience members provide encouragement – these are the elements that nourish and fuel the work.

After a few years on hiatus, Freehold relaunched our historic and storied Studio Series with four days of performances in March 2022.

Applications for the 2022 Studio Series are now closed.