Project History

Project History

July 2011 - Nov. 2012

Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative at Washington Hall.

Jan. 2009 - Present

Engaged Theatre Residency at Echo Glen Children’s Center.

Sept. 2008

The Sandbox Artists Collective was created at Freehold.

Jan. 2007 - Present

Engaged Theatre Residency at Monroe Correctional Facility for Men

March 2004 - Present

Engaged Theatre Residency at Washington Correctional Center for Women

July 2003 - Present

Engaged Theatre Tour - our professional productions have toured to partner organizations including Monroe Correctional Complex for Men, Washington Corrections Center for Women, Tent City, Harborview, New Futures, Echo Glen Children’s Center, American Lake VA Hospital/Fort Lewis McChord. In addition, we offer free shows for the public. More details and a full production history on the dedicated page.

Jan. 2002

Laboratory Investigation: The 18th Mitzvah by Mary Lathrop, Directed by Robin Lynn Smith

Apr. 2001

Laboratory Investigation Seasons Such as These, by Mark Jenkins, Music by Carol Sams, Choreography by Wade Madsen

Sept. 2000

Lab Investigation: A New Adaptation of Don Juan, Conceived by Jorg Bochow, Authors: Moliere, Brecht, Pushkin, Directed by Gennadi Bogdanov

June 2000

The Lorca Project, Directed by Kate Whoriskey, Final 1999-2000 ETI Project.Featuring: Jesse Sherfey-Hinds, Deb Prince

June 2000

Laboratory Investigation, The Three Sisters, by Anton Chekhov, Directed by Robin Lynn Smith. Featuring: Kate Wisniewski, Richard Brestoff, John Paulsen, David Churchill, Bart Smith, Todd Tressler, Katt Tait

July 1999

Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, Directed by Leonid Anisimov. Featuring: Mark Jenkins, Marjorie Nelson, Anthony Lee, Annette Toutonghi and Tom Spiller. The play was performed in Seattle at Freehold and in Tacoma at the Norton Clapp Theatre as well as in 16 private homes around Seattle and viewed by Superior Court Judge Janice Niemi, Pam Schell (wife of Mayor Paul Schell), the Rev. Samuel McKinney and Seattle Center Director Virginia Anderson, among others.

Nov. 1998

The Lower Depths by Maxim Gorky, Directed by Leonid Anisimov. This performance was hosted by Freehold and was presented by honored artists from Vladivstock, Russia and Leonid Anisimov’s company from Russia.

June 1998

Laboratory Investigation of An Altered Life, by Elizabeth Heffron, Directed by Robin Lynn Smith. Featuring: Kathy Hsieh, Stefan Enriquez, John Paulsen, Jim Lynch

Spring 1998-2001

Annual Intensive Workshop with Gennadi Bogdanov

Fall 1997-1999

Intiman/ACT/Freehold Journeyman Program was created and designed to bridge the gap between formal training and professional career. The Journeymanship Program offered actors and directors work in the professional environment of Intiman’s mainstage.

May 1997

Lab Investigation of My Last Year with the Nuns, Solo Performance Written and Performed by Matt Smith

June 1996

Cranky Destroyers, choreographer Stephanie Skura presents six new dance Works

June 1996

The Directors’ and Choreographers’ Lab - Master Development workshop – Development of New Work, led by Choreographer Lee Eisler and Director, Robin Lynn Smith

May 1996

Against the Grain: Men in Dance, choreographer Wade Madsen

Dec. 1995

Lab Investigation of New Patagonia, By Elizabeth Heffron, Directed by Robin Lynn Smith. Featuring: Rick Tutor, Patty Flynn, Stefan Enriquez, Chris DeBoer

March 1995

Award Winning Production of The Seagull, by Anton Chekhov, Directed by Robin Lynn Smith. Featuring: Tony Pasqualini, John Billingsley, George Lewis, Sol Miranda, Erik Maahs, Steve Gins, Hussein Ali, Amy Perry, Patty Flynn, Lisa Burgett

Feb. 1995

All Powers Necessary and Convenient, Written and Directed by Mark Jenkins. Featuring: Tony Pasqualini

Apr. 1994

Laboratory Investigation, The Seagull, by Anton Chekhov, Directed by Robin Lynn Smith

Nov. 1993

The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, Directed by George Lewis and Tony Pasqualini. Featuring: Jane Jones, George Lewis, Réginald Andre Jackson, Mark Jenkins

Feb. 1993

The Birthday Party, by Harold Pinter, Directed by Mark Jenkins. Featuring: John Billingsley, Jeff Klein, Robert Nairn, Marjorie Nelson, Tony Pasqualini, Myra Platt

Sept. 1992

The Time of Your Life, by William Saroyan, Directed by Tony Pasqualini. Featuring: Reginald Jackson, Jane Jones, George Lewis, Mark Jenkins

Sept. 1991

Freehold Theatre Lab Studio was founded in the fall of 1991 by John Billingsley, Mark Jenkins, George Lewis, Tony Pasqualini, Ben Rankin, Robin Lynn Smith and Larry Silverberg. The Pasqualini-Smith Studio (est. 1986) and the Mark Jenkins Actors’ Workshop (est. 1985) combined to form Freehold.