Core Values

Freehold’s Core Values

Equity and Social Justice

Freehold is committed to equity within our community; working to meet the unique needs of all groups for full participation. We are committed to anti-racist practices that value diversity, embrace differences in race, age, gender, ability, and reflect the demographics of the greater Seattle area.

Artistic practice

Deepen the transformational power of theatre through experimentation, training, and performance.


In our community we endeavor to provide a haven where artists are encouraged to risk making their work deeper, truer, and more resonant; to reinvest in their love and inspiration; and to challenge themselves to keep discovering and maturing.

Artistic excellence rooted in organic truth

The work we do here strives to integrate organic, truthful roots and an empathic connection to the life around us with extraordinary expression— physically, vocally, and imagistically.

Radical accessibility

Since its founding as a Center for the Practice of Theatre, Freehold has been devoted to making that practice radically accessible. Serving the full spectrum of our community, Freehold’s programs broaden engagement, serve diverse audiences, and encourage deep participation in the arts.