The Freehold Forum quarterly newsletter includes articles and interviews with talented actors, directors and playwrights, cutting edge news on upcoming Freehold Faculty and student performances, and Freehold calendar highlights showcasing upcoming must-see Freehold events.

Newsletter Archive

Spring E-Newsletter 2020
John Jacobsen, Elizabeth Heffron, Thomas Heller, Caleb Pierce

Spring E-Newsletter 2019
Susanna Burney, Elena Fleury-Barnes, John Jacobsen
Students and Alumni

Fall E-Newsletter 2014
John Helde, Aaron Moore, Ruth-Ellen Perlman
ETI Diversity Students

Summer E-Newsletter 2014
Tony Pasqualini, Laura Beth Straight,
Leslie Asplund

Spring E-Newsletter 2014
ETI Alums, Andrew McGinn,
Kristin Alexander

Winter E-Newsletter 2014
Bart Smith, Amy Love,
Laura Nelson

Fall E-Newsletter 2013
Eva Abram, Susan McNally,
Caitlin Coey, Archana Srikanta, Gary Schwartz

Summer E-Newsletter 2013
Andrew McGinn, Bernardo Rivas,
Lucinda Stroud

Spring E-Newsletter 2013
Amy Thone, Rebecca Tourino,
Ana Marie Campoy

Winter E-Newsletter 2013
Interview with Associate Partners,
Jessica Robinson, Christine Marie Brown

Fall E-Newsletter 2012
Christine Marie Brown, Rebecca Tourino,
Alyssa Keene

Summer E-Newsletter 2012
Kevin McKeon, Ann Eisenberg, Mayor’s Arts Award,
King Lear

Spring E-Newsletter 2012
Jose Gonzales, Meg McLynn, Noelle Mestres,
Jessica Marlowe-Goldstein

Winter E-Newsletter 2012
Daemond Arrindell, Paul Budraitis, Sharon Williams

Fall E-Newletter 2011
John Billingsley, George Lewis, John Klein, John Paulsen, Paul Mullin

Summer E-Newsletter 2011
Tikka Sears, George Lewis, Malachy Sreenan

Spring E-Newsletter 2011
Bev Kelly, Norman Bell, Lance McQueen

Winter E-Newsletter 2011
Shanga Parker, David Friedt, Christina Bauer, Taryn Collis and Sharon Williams

Fall E-Newsletter 2010
Dickey Nesenger, Vanessa Skantze, Denise Powell

Summer E-Newsletter 2010
Sarah Harlett, Jesse Putnam, George Lewis

Spring E-Newsletter 2010
Dinah Manoff Mortell, Gin Hammond, Orion Baker, Le Frenchword

 Winter E-Newsletter 2010
John Jacobsen, Tracy Hyland, Brian Tomasovich

September 2009
Althea Hukari, MJ Sieber

August 2009
Scot Augustson, Cathy Madden

July 2009
Betsy Schwartz, Michelle Flowers, Jonathan Locke

June 2009
Marc Kension, Pia VanHanen

May 2009
Robin Lynn Smith, Neil Ferron, Jake Perrine

April 2009
Kimberly White, Jenness Klein, Amontaine Aurore

March 2009
Dickey Nesenger, Troy Mink, Sean Gormley

February 2009
Jesse Putnam, Matt Wolfe, John Paulsen, George Lewis

January 2009
Brynna Jourden, Marya Sea Kaminski, Cyrus Khambatta, Carolynne Wilcox