Ryan Sanders

"I’m so grateful to have found my way to Freehold. It’s been my home for acting training for over six years now. They have an affordable, well-rounded course selection, a progression for advanced learning, committed and highly credible instructors and a wonderful sense of community."

Alissa Cattabriga

"I've been taking classes at Freehold for almost two years now and it has been a great experience. All of my teachers have been superb, very talented and dedicated, and the range of classes is amazing as well, There are classes for the curious with no acting experience (me a the beginning) to classes for someone who is serious about acting and wants a more in depth study (me now!). I found my experience at Freehold to be truly life changing, no exaggeration at all."

Laura Nelson

“Admittedly, I have a crush on Freehold... But it's been a year and 3 months now, so it may be turning into something more serious! 🙂 I went from never having studied, or done performance, to taking 4 classes (Steps I, II and III, Exploring Solo Performance) and presenting a solo piece in the 2014 Incubator Studio Series. Mind-boggling transformation possibilities. Serious, fun, professional, enthusiastic, respectful, responsive, passionate, and compassionate community of instructors, staff, and participating students. We are beyond lucky to have Freehold in Seattle!”

Melissa P.

"All the instructors at Freehold Theater have a great philosophy on acting, and a consummate passion for teaching. They seemed to know how, in a positive manner, to get the best performance out of you. Of course it's different for everyone, and it’s not rocket science, but you will be challenged. Whether you’re pursuing theater or film, if you're ready to get to the next level-- the sky's the limit on what you can achieve. Freehold Theater gives a safe and comfortable place to grow – you’re given the tools to do your job as an actor, while challenging yourself creatively. Highly recommend."

Jacquelyn Beatty

"Freehold, its instructors, and the classes offered are extraordinary. I have learned so much, and have had so much fun. As a then 56 year old lawyer in "real life," starting out in Step One three years ago, I had no idea what to expect. The teachers, the content, the students, and the challenges have been so very much worth the time, effort, and expense invested. Enough cannot be said about the truly exceptional and dedicated faculty. I've loved my experiences at Freehold and have had SO MUCH FUN. In short: my time at Freehold has been the best thing, besides skydiving (which I did because we were assigned in one class to live out a fantasy), I've done in ten years. Thank you Stefan, Annette, Darragh, and most especially, Robin."

Julie Hoang

"Freehold is the best place for acting training in Seattle! In my humble opinion. The faculty is incredible. They are also working professionals and many teach at Cornish. Best of all, they are so invested in their students and Freehold's mission. There is a great variety of classes offered and tuition is affordable. My own experience with Freehold has been very significant. I took the acclaimed, life-changing Meisner progression. Not only did my classmates and I walk away as better, stronger actors, but also as enriched artists. (Any Meisner alum will most likely agree with that about themselves...). I've also taken Voice, Movement, Solo Performance, and Shakespeare. All were beneficial to me as an actor, and just totally fantastic. There is a strong sense of community at Freehold and that has been priceless."

Andrew Tribolini

"I've been taking classes at Freehold since 1998 and without a doubt Freehold is the best place in Seattle for actor training (besides the academic programs at UW and Cornish). They also offer play writing and directing classes. The instructors are working professionals - many of whom also teach at Cornish and/or UW. Highly recommended."