Engaged Theatre Residencies

Engaged Theatre Residencies

Robin Lynn Smith, the Artistic Director at Freehold Theatre, created an extraordinary program in 2003.  The Engaged Theatre program tours theatrical performances and workshops to culturally under-served populations.

Additionally, Freehold facilitates an annual residency at three separate Washington Corrections facilities, in which we enable the participants to write, direct, rehearse, and perform their own show in a five-month period. Residencies guide participants through the creation of an original performance based on an exploration of the archetypal hero’s journey. Participants invite their peers, friends and family to watch their performance at the culmination of the residency.

During the weeks of generative work, the participants of the three residencies will be guided through many writing exercises and in the process tell their stories, create new stories and write their own poetry. The writings are compiled into a bound book and these are given to the inmates, their families and Freehold supporters who are interested in this project.

In addition to the three residencies at WCCW, Monroe Correctional Complex for Men and Echo Glen Children’s Detention Center, in the Fall of 2011 we also ran a residency with Seattle area youth in collaboration with the Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative (SYVPI).  The Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Grant targeted youth involved in or at risk of involvement in violence.

Over several months, five teenagers from different areas of Seattle working alongside our Teaching Artists opened themselves up in ways they never have before.  Through writing exercises they created over 70 pages of text.  The final performance was a mixture of poetry, theater and music in both solo and ensemble pieces.  The final performance was shared with the general public and was received with great acclaim from the attendees.

Active Residencies

Washington Corrections Center for Women (since March 2004)

Teaching Artists: Robin Lynn Smith, Elizabeth Heffron, Vanessa Skantze, Quincy Van Steenberge, Amelia Love Clearheart, Grace Carmack, and Carolynne Wilcox
Past Teaching Artists: Rebecca Tourino-Collingsworth, Caroline Brown, Jessica Robinson, Tayrn Collis, Sara Porkalob.

Monroe Correctional Complex for Men (since January 2007)

Teaching Artists: Daemond Arrindell, Carter Rodriquez

Echo Glen Children’s Detention Center (since January 2009)

Teaching Artists: Daemond Arrindell, Carter Rodriquez

Past Programs

Aloud Residency at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (September - November 2012)

An after school theatre residency in partnership with Southwest Youth and Family Services and Seattle Youth Violence Prevention initiative. The final residency performance was held on November 17th, 2012 with a public audience.. Teaching Artists: Daemond Arrindell, Carter Rodriquez

"We Are Tomorrow's Today"

Original Performance by Youth: "We Are Tomorrow's Today" with the Detention All-Stars - October - December, 2011