Freehold is offering a Master of Fine Arts

We are thrilled to be able to offer this unique opportunity, and would love to have you join us at one of our new weekly Zoom Info Sessions where you can meet some of our teachers and we can explain in detail how the program works. You’ll hear more about the curriculum and how to apply, cover financial aid options and scholarship possibilities, and answer any questions you may have. We are also excited to announce that, as an alternative to the MFA, it may be possible to earn a BFA degree with the college credits you may already have! Ask about it at our Zoom session.

Please join us at one of our weekly Zoom Sessions by following the link below. They are held each Friday @4:30. If you can’t make that time, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to connect with you on an individual basis.

Those accepted to the MFA program are invited to apply
for a Scholarship for Underrepresented Populations!


Freehold is now offering a Master & Bachelor of Fine Arts degree

Freehold is partnering with Seattle Film Institute to reimagine our Ensemble Training Intensive for a new era by creating an MFA in Filmmaking, Acting and Producing. Through learning how to produce their own work, this unique program empowers graduates to take control of their professional futures. This intensive training program is for emerging artists who are ready to commit to the next level artistically and professionally.

The Acting Progression empowers emerging professionals with a dependable inner and outer process. Artists develop the skills necessary to meet the technical demands of heightened text and extraordinary contemporary material across platforms. Actor’s cultivate their visceral imagination and deepen authentic emotional connection to imaginary circumstances.

Movement includes combat skills, Aikido, and a variety of movement techniques that will be taught all four quarters and prepare students for a wide variety of performance platforms, including motion capture.

From heightened text to singing to voice-over, students will learn in Voice how to adapt their vocal instruments to any script or score.

First Year

Quarter 1

Acting: Extraordinary Circumstances and Physical Impulse
Voice: Fitzmaurice Destructuring
Personal Clown: LeCoq
Artist’s Way

2 hrs/week tutorials
22 hrs/week x 10 weeks

Acting Class, split between
Acting and Solo Performance
Acting: Heightened Text
Verse and Text
Combat: Rapier and Dagger
Voice: Fitzmaurice Re Structuring
Solo Performance Fest: Week 10, tech and performance
22 hrs/week

Acting Class split between
– Acting: Camera/Text/ Subtext scenes and shoot
Acting: Heightened text weeks 7,8,9
Final week, Heightened Text Recital takes over w/ combat
Singing, Voice Over mix
Combat: Unarmed plus Combat Choreography for recital
Dramaturgy A: Foundations of Research
22 hrs/week

Acting: Acting for the Camera Advanced, Film scenes
Neutral mask/Motion capture
Devised Performance: Story and Character Development
Singing/Voice Over 2
Combat level 3
Business fundamentals
22 hrs/week

Second Year

Quarter 5

Intro to Filmmaking
Post Production (foundation in editing, etc)
Acting in at least one project

Elements of Producing
Directing Actors
Acting in at least one project

Screenwriting One
Producing the Low Budget Film
Take part in projects, films, pieces that the Producer MFA’s are making that term

Act in Large Crew Projects
Professional Practices – create an Acting Demo Reel, participate in a showcase
Create a VO Reel

Seattle FiIm Institute/Freehold MFA

Year Two
MFA in Filmmaking, Acting and Producing
Quarters 5-8

In the second year, students in the MFA program can either continue taking courses in Filmmaking, Acting, and Producing pathways. Additionally students have the option to go into a Practicum year focused primarily on acting and project work, while taking foundational courses in Filmmaking and Producing.

Practicum work could look like:

  • Filmmaking curriculum at Seattle Film Institute for quarters 5-8
  • Producing curriculum at Seattle Film Institute for quarters 5-8

Quick Facts About the Program

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What degree is being offered?

Freehold is partnering with Seattle Film Institute to offer a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking, Acting, and Producing. The degree will be granted through the Seattle Film Institute.

Yes, a bachelor’s degree in any field is required if seeking a Master of Fine Arts. Alternatively, it may be possible for students without a bachelor’s degree, but with some college credits, to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Contact us for more details.

Yes, and it is available through SFI.

Two Years | 8 Total Quarters, 100 Total Credits

Yes, all students admitted to the program will need to audition.

Interested in the MFA Program? Apply Today! 

Applications are being accepted!
Applicants will also need to complete a separate application through our partner, the Seattle Film Institute.

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