2024 Film Directing Course Applications Open!

To apply to be a Director, fill out this application. Actor applications coming soon.

Film Directing Course: Process and Practice for Stage and Film

Freehold is proud to once again offer the one-of-a-kind Film Directing Course for established and aspiring directors. This is one of the few courses in the PNW where directors get to work hands-on with actors, text, on-camera techniques, and post-production tools with master teachers John Jacobsen and Robin Lynn Smith, with instruction from Andy Tribolini. Students will also come away from this course with a short film to use for further professional career development, in addition to having the chance to see their film on the big screen at the end-of-semester showcase.

Due to the intensive nature of the course, class size is limited to 8 directors in order to give each director hands-on experience and lots of one-on-one work with the instructors and actors. We audition actors and interview directors to join the class, and students will work on a variety of different projects with focus on the following:

  • what it takes to write a good scene
  • how to get honest and specific performances
  • where to put the camera and how to frame
  • for actors: your relationship to the camera and what you need to know about coverage
  • learning best practices for film editing

Working with theatre text will give directors and actors an opportunity to work with layered, proven material in which a rich subtextual life is necessary; then, directors will move onto filming a short film (i.e., shoot something you write or shoot a short film we find). Cast from the course and/or supplement with your own cast (and learn important info on the casting process in this course, too).

Writers that wish to pen their own short films for the course will work with the instructor, John Jacobsen, in special outside sessions at an additional cost.

The proven beauty of this course is that directors shoot and edit their short three times, thus giving the instructors and students the ability to improve it in a systematic way. The course will culminate in a final public screening at a local theater that will give everyone a chance to celebrate their work on the big screen.

This class is an excellent follow-up for students who have taken Directing or Acting for the Camera at Freehold. The deadline for directors to apply for the Course is December 18th, 2023! Interviews for Directors will be held on January 10, 2024, from 6-10pm in the Black Box. Directors will be contacted after receipt of their application to set up a specific interview time.

To apply to be a Director, fill out this application. Actor applications coming soon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out at info@freeholdtheatre.org.