All part of our artistic practice…A Letter from the Artistic Director

Hey You All,
This is an incredibly difficult time for so many. Our families, our loved ones, and our communities are in peril from this Virus. Our hearts go out to those of you who are ill, or are grieving a loss, or have loved ones who are struggling. We are living in profound uncertainty: about how we will be changed by this, about our financial stability, and about what the future will hold. Art is where we turn at times like these.
Empathy is “…the ability to make a psychic and emotional connection with another person, to actually enter into their mind-space…the separateness between you and the other person fades. “ – Dr.Steve Taylor, Out of Darkness
We do this in Theatre. It’s what we do. We create the experience of ‘we are all in this together.
And we do this with each other. That which is intrinsic is not lost: it can be delayed, submerged, checked, but it does not disappear. It will not be destroyed. Our intuitive ability to sense, and see into, and be affected by each other will not die.
We will get through this: we will gather again; we will experience the power of communion between audience and performer, and the joy of live work; we will experience the vitality of practice, in solitude and collectively, again.
This time is time to pay attention;
It’s time to look at the beauty and blessings that are here, now;
It’s time to notice that which will pass, and will not come back;
It is time to appreciate, to truly appreciate
this living
this being alive
This is all part of our artistic practice.
Stay safe, be well, take care of your people, and keep in touch with us.
Robin Lynn Smith
Artistic Director