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Freehold Safety Upgrades for On-Site Classes

Freehold’s staff and faculty remain committed to your safety. We also know the importance of an art practice and the limitations that working online can bring. So, under careful consideration with health experts on our Board and guidance from the state, we are rolling out a few small group classes. The size of our classes facilitates a nimble response to an evolving understanding of what is possible within safety guidelines offered by the governor. We will also continue to have many online-only offerings for those who would like to continue their practice at home.

While these “Hybrid” classes will practice outside or on-line whenever possible, we have also made several upgrades to the Freehold studios and classes to ensure a consistent and safe practice:

  • We have upgraded our HVAC system so that all air in the entire space is recycled three times an hour with fresh air from outside. To ensure the cleanliness of this air, we have also installed iWave filters to improve particle filtration without impeding air flow in addition to UVC lights in the ducts to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses before they enter our space.
  • We have increased cleaning and purchased new supplies to ensure regular, efficient, and effective cleaning of all high use surfaces throughout Freehold.
  • Whether outside or on-site, everyone will be masked when in class and we have provided gloves and face shields as appropriate. Each day of class students and faculty will have their temperature tested and confirm lack of symptoms. We have implemented systems to allow for effective contact tracing.
  • Following recommendations from the state, we are following a hybrid of guidance for Professional Services and Indoor Fitness to adapt our classes. During Phase 2, classes with more than 8 students will be broken into small groups with part of the class watching on Zoom while the other half works with the instructor in our Black Box to allow for the most amount of space between students. Should we move to Phase 3 then classes of 10 can meet on-site as a full group.
  • Only one class will be scheduled on-site per day to minimize overlap between cleanings of the common spaces, with regular cleaning throughout each class session of high-touch areas.
  • We will continue to be responsive to the latest information from the state, city, and CDC and make changes swiftly as required. If for student and faculty wellbeing it becomes necessary to cancel class, all students in that class will receive a credit for another class in a future quarter.

For more detailed information, please see our Safety Protocol for staff, faculty and students; Pledge that anyone on-site at Freehold signs; and Waiver all students will be signing before attending class.

We greatly appreciate our community for their support in this evolving practice, especially our faculty for their creativity, our students for their patience, and all of you for being with us through this dynamic year. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Managing Director, Caroline Kangas: caroline@freeholdtheatre.org.