Freehold Safety Upgrades for Classes and Rentals

Updated August 2022: 

Baseline commitments
Freehold guests, students, and staff are fully vaccinated and boosted as appropriate. In special circumstances, we welcome unvaccinated folks with negative tests. When in common spaces and as audience members we wear masks, ideally N95 or similar.
Safety as a community agreement
As we move into a new era of life-with-covid, at Freehold we continue to prioritize the integrity of the work while lifting up the needs of the most vulnerable among us.  In each class a more stringent protocol may be set than the baseline, but in open communication between faculty and students, we will make agreements as a cohort that are true for that group and can change as necessary to meet the current circumstances. One example is choosing to be unmasked during scene work and performances. Individuals may also choose to remain masked while others are not. All choices are respected by all.
Exposures and positive Covid cases
If a student has been exposed, they may come to class but must remain masked the entire time. If a student tests positive they may not return to class for five days after their positive test. After five days have passed, they may return to class but must wear an N95 mask, not cloth or KN95, until they have negative PCR test result.
Other details
  • At registration, students will submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Faculty will be taking attendance daily to allow for effective contact tracing. Renters will submit and/or collect the same documentation for their visitors.
  • Freehold’s HVAC system has been upgraded so that the air in the Black Box and Studio 1 is recycled three times an hour with fresh air from outside. The rest of the space is regularly refreshing as well, though at a lower rate of 1-2 times per hour and we have added an additional portable air filter in Studio 2.  As added precautions, we have installed iWave filters to improve particle filtration without impeding air flow, in addition to UVC lights in the ducts to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses before they enter our space. These installations are in line with recommendations from the CDC.
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies are accessible to ensure regular, efficient, and effective disinfection of all high-use surfaces throughout Freehold.
  • We will continue to be responsive to the latest information from the state, city, and CDC and make changes swiftly as required. If, for student and faculty wellbeing, it becomes necessary to cancel a class, all registered students in that class will receive a credit for another class in a future quarter. Similarly, if a student is sick and they are no longer able to attend class, we will also offer a class credit or refund. If a rental must be rescheduled for safety purposes, renters will be offered a credit to schedule at a later date. Canceled rentals due to a change in Freehold policies will be refunded.

For more detailed information, please see our Safety Protocol, Pledge that anyone visiting Freehold agrees to; and Student Waiver and Rental Waiver.

We greatly appreciate our community for their support in this continually evolving practice; especially our faculty for their creativity, our students and renters for their patience, and all of you for being with us through this dynamic time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Managing Director, Caroline Kangas: