FREEHOLD ONLINE CLASS SPOTLIGHT: Voiceover, A Student’s Perspective

What’s the 411?
by Elizabeth Alm
“Elizabeth will never be the person who sells laundry detergent.”
          What could potentially be received as a weird piece of feedback was actually incredibly helpful when I sat through my first voice over class at Freehold this past winter.
          Voice Over is an incredibly interesting and fascinating genre. One that I often over looked and didn’t fully appreciate.
          But think about it. How many times have you had to watch a training video at work? Or had to listen to your options while being placed on hold?
          What about that commercial on the radio? Or even the voice on the tv that is telling you how to save 15% or more… on something…
          We are constantly impacted and influenced by the voices of other people, whether we realize it or not.
          And these same people sat in a class, just like this one, learning the skills necessary to dive head first into this type of work.
          Through the skillful and detailed instruction of Kira Dorrian, you will gather the following tools:
  • Discover your type – Not everyone has a mom voice that can sell laundry detergent. Your voice is unique to you, and you will learn what you are best suited for in voice over.
  • Explore the different sub genres of voice over – audiobooks, video games, corporate copy, radio ads, tv ads, and more are all accessible avenues of exploration.
  • Learn how to edit – Kira will take you through how to record, edit and submit self taped auditions.
  • Understanding the business – As a seasoned VO actor, Kira brings insight and knowledge to the business of VO. From how to find an agent, to what to expect when you walk into the studio, Kira lays out a clear understanding of how to approach the world of VO
  • Exploring an art form that is entirely unique to you – One of the most unique things you own is your voice. It is entirely YOU, and that’s what makes it special.
          Getting to discover what is uniquely you, in a safe environment, full of creative options and tools? That’s the 411. Join us this spring for Voice Over with Kira Dorrian!