New Play Lab Spotlight: Carolynne Wilcox, writer of “Clytemnestra”

What’s the title of your play?
Who’s directing your play?
Kathryn Stewart
What was the inspiration for the play?
Started writing this as a newish playwright 10 years ago, wanting to both create something that adhered somewhat to traditional “Greek” play structure, and also it always bugged me that Clytemnestra always got such a bad rap, historically, though her crimes were not completely unjustified.
What was the most challenging thing about writing your play?
I received some mean-spirited feedback at a reading (also 10 years ago) that discouraged me from continuing the piece at that time, though I also received some wonderful positive feedback! It took me ten years to shake it off.
What is your writing background prior to New Play Lab?
I’ve always written a lot, both personally as well as professionally, but didn’t start writing plays until 2003 (with many years of acting under my belt, I wanted to write more roles for me!). I then went to grad school and received an MFA in Original Works from Towson University, so I guess I’m a fairly seasoned playwright at this point.


An excerpt of Clytemnestra by Carolynne Wilcox will be read/performed as part of Freehold’s Summer 2020 New Play Lab on Saturday, 9/12 at 7pm. For more information and to receive the link to this event, please contact Elizabeth Alm at 206-323-7499 or To sign up for Playwriting I or III this Fall at Freehold, go to