Freehold’s 2024 Gala is sold out! Thank you all for your support!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

We are excited to welcome you to the refreshed and relaunched Freehold website!

Lisa Work of BeBrightStudio has been working with us over the Winter to bring our website up to date; upgrading the technology behind the scenes and redesigning the look and feel of the front end.

We hope you find the new site to be clear and easy to navigate. The initial launch is mainly a redesign, with a small amount of content refined and updated. The new technology will allow us to expand and modify our content in a flexible manner as we move forward. In the meantime, some highlights to check out:

  • Theatre Lab history. The origins and development of our various Theater Lab projects (including Engaged Theatre Tour, Engaged Theatre Residencies), should now be easier to find and explore.
  • Our class registrations are now handled via Bookeo, a third-party provider that streamlines registrations and payments, seamlessly built in to our site.
  • Mobile responsiveness! Or to put it less jargon-y terms: it works on your phone!!

A deep bow of thanks to: Lisa for all her hard work; Elizabeth Alm for working with Lisa to set up and integrate our new class registration system; Robin Lynn Smith for ensuring we stayed consistent with Freehold’s vision; Carolynne Wilcox for sourcing great images from the vaults; Aaron Moore for technical help keeping our old website running with virtual duct tape and shims; Charlotte Tiencken for making sure this project stayed on the radar; and Elizabeth Dorn for strong advocacy for this project at the Board level, and for significant financial support of the project.

Dara Lillis
(Board Member, and co-ordinator of the Website overhaul project)
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