Meisner Progression Spotlight

Meisner Progression Spotlight

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Read about Aarti Tiwari’s Meisner Experience
June 12 was the final showcase of the nine-month Meisner program I took at Freehold Theatre conducted by Robin Lynn Smith. This work changed me in ways I had never imagined. A course carefully divided into three modules (Foundation, Instrument, Text) gave me a chance of deep self-exploration, building tools for myself by constantly encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone. Robin supported, encouraged, and pushed every actor to try, experiment and dig deeper into fundamentals. Acting is a noble profession for it gives actors a chance of living in discovery in and around them. Over the period of nine months, I got many incredible opportunities to explore my fears, insecurities, vulnerabilities, joy, pride, pleasure, thrills, and secrets. Every co-actor brought their most authentic selves in the class for the assignments and Robin motivated everyone of us to think and do out of the box tapping in everyone’s unique personalities and values.

Meisner progression not only enabled me with a rigorous training, and toolbox to venture out in the professional world as an actor but enriched me immensely as a human and an artist. It is a huge privilege to learn from the incredible master, Robin Lynn Smith! The experience of the last nine months and the time spent with Robin and each of my classmates through the progression made me grow a little every time I shared space with them. I shall forever be indebted and grateful to Robin and my wonderful classmates for the richness they brought to my life and my craft.

Read about Sydney Maltese’s Meisner Experience
Being a part of my cohort as we journeyed through the Meisner progression changed the way I see and experience and move through the world, and it also shifted my approach to my art in a profound way. I make art differently now, because I human differently now. I’ve learned to ground my creative process in myself, to uncover the threads of shared human experiences to weave stories with my unique body and my unique voice which are true and therefore the most beautiful. 

TRANSFORM YOUR CRAFT by learning to “live truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” Freehold’s Meisner Progression (based on the work of Constantin Stanislavski, Joseph Chaikin & Sanford Meisner) is a must-take for anyone interested in building a solid foundation as an actor and an artist — it will transform your craft in ways both large and small!

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